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Come On, let's get Meta! - PLEASED WITH DISEASE

About Come On, let's get Meta!

Previous Entry Come On, let's get Meta! Jul. 26th, 2006 @ 07:30 am Next Entry
...or, Why I Haven't Been Writing (much or very fast lately)

I wrote a little over 100 words on my current project last night. Its the most productive I've been since I sat my ass down and made myself finish "How to Hide a Dictator..." Some combination of shift in schedule, vulnerability to an attractive nuisance, and discomfort with at least one (not really) essential element of my current story project have kept me away from getting it done.

How to proceed? Those 100 words last night knocked out the aforementioned (probably not) essential (at all) problematic element, but they took a lot out of me in the half-hour before I had to shuffle off to bed. Today should have easier, not so personal, material to cover. That, and learning to write fiction before sunrise and turn off the damned internet when I sit down at this box... and I should be golden till the next hangup.

what's your plan?
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